Improve Your Maths Skills and Grades

Sometimes when we struggle with a subject it’s hard to see clearly how to get it right.  I’ve decided to dish out a few simple tips on how to improve your maths.  So take a step back and look at the bigger picture.  Quite often it’s the little changes combined that make a big difference … Continue reading

Screen Time, Children and its Affects

I have three boys and they all want to be on a device.  To share it just isn’t good enough, it sparks arguments, frustration, short tempers and aggression.   I don’t like how it makes them behave.  Aside from that, when they are doing other things either together or solo that don’t involve a screen, … Continue reading


At the beginning of every new year whether it’s calendar or academic, comes renewed energy for forward and future thinking.  This thinking not only comes from education leaders, teachers and businesses but also from parents and children alike. My question this year is how will develop, and what route will its users be following? When … Continue reading