Free 30-day trial

Following the BETT show and the introduction of Stuck for Schools, we are offering a FREE, no obligation 30-day trial of the resource.

Available to all Schools and Colleges, the trial allows full, unlimited access to Stuck for Schools, with your own personal log in. Allowing plenty of time to try it out with the Maths Department or test it with your students.

Stuck for Schools includes, 218 high quality, bite-size Video Lessons taught by an experienced, engaging and practicing Head of Maths. Each lesson is between 2-11 minutes long and they cover the entire GCSE and IGCSE Maths curriculum at Foundation and Higher level. This highly flexible teaching resource can be used in class or at home on all computers and mobile media.

The video lessons are supported by 1500+ online questions including Functional Skills, created by a current Maths teacher who is also an examiner. They are set, answered, marked and tracked online with each question supported by helpful Hints and the relevant Video Lesson.

Student performance tracking is essential and Stuck for schools features a Unique Grid that provides student results by assignment and group in one view. Colour coded to highlight passes and non-passes and collated to provide ongoing average student scores across all assignments.

And finally, a unique Student Reporting tool that collates results by assignment, assessment, student and group, tracking their progress across the entire school year.

For more information or to sign up for your FREE trial, please contact Helen or Teresa on 01452 741755 or email us on; or

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