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Helping Your Child with Maths – The Checklist

Helping Your Child with Maths – The Checklist

Helping with your child with their maths homework can be very rewarding, and a great way of seeing how they’re progressing at school.  For some however, it leads to controversial tension, arguments and upset.  It’s also more common than you think that some parent s have a fear of teaching their child incorrectly, or just … Continue reading

Improve Your Maths Skills and Grades

Sometimes when we struggle with a subject it’s hard to see clearly how to get it right.  I’ve decided to dish out a few simple tips on how to improve your maths.  So take a step back and look at the bigger picture.  Quite often it’s the little changes combined that make a big difference … Continue reading

Screen Time, Children and its Affects

I have three boys and they all want to be on a device.  To share it just isn’t good enough, it sparks arguments, frustration, short tempers and aggression.   I don’t like how it makes them behave.  Aside from that, when they are doing other things either together or solo that don’t involve a screen, … Continue reading