Teaching Computer Science, CPD lessons – See through the Window to the Future

So the academic year has taken off with a whole new subject for teachers and pupils to get their heads around.

The government made the decision to get ahead of the game and become the first country in the world to mandate computer programming into primary and secondary schools. A brave and bold move to take, and quite possibly revolutionary in the way computing is taught within schools. This might just be the key to our young generation’s future…

Across the curriculum, it begins at 5 with creating and debugging simple programs. Then moving on to writing programs and understanding algorithms, all the way through to 16 allowing more freedom of creativity – which it seems is what the government are trying to achieve, enabling all those unknown geniuses out there to flourish and lead the way.

Being a positive move, and probably one of the best and more forward thinking that Gove left behind in his wake, it can surely provide great outcomes and proactive creativity for those who are lucky enough to have the opportunity of learning such a subject.

However, someone needs to teach this whole new subject! Who gets the most challenging job – yes it’s the teachers of course who will be getting their heads around a brand new subject. So Stuckforschools.com have been busy shooting a set of CDP video lessons that support the new Computer Science Key Stage 3 curriculum. They are being created in support of Hodder Education who will be showcasing them as part of their new brand Compute-IT resource at BETT. Here are a couple of video links as a taster Under the Hood of a Computer  and Computer Art.  You can buy Computing Key Stage 3 CPD video lessons from Stuck for Schools, just email info@stuck-ltd.com.

We have also been busy this summer filming Computing – CPD video lessons for primary schools with Miles Berry, however these won’t be out for public consumption until January, so more about that later…


Enjoy being back in the swing of things!


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