You’ve got your results and now is the time to act if you haven’t quite got what you wanted or needed. The good news is that you do have choices so you’re not stuck, and for those of you who will be doing retakes, there’s help out there to make sure you have enough support to up your game, so try not to panic. Think clearly about your options.

Contact the university – To see if they may still accept you with the grades that you have now. Also you may be offered a place with your second choice.

Clearing – Contact as many universities as you like and accept the favoured one, after being offered a place. You will need to be prepared, know where you’d like to go, and why you would want that course, they will question you about this. You must be quick though as places go within the first few days after results are out.

Resit – If you decide you want to resit then you need to study super hard to gain on what you have now. So be prepared to get support. For your maths A-level resit are offering half price year subscriptions for the GCSE and A-Level package, so it’s only £26.99 instead of £52.99 but only until 1st September – head to the news page http://www.stuckonhomework.com/ to find out more!

Do an apprenticeship – This may make you realise that perhaps university just isn’t for you. Learning on the job could work better, and still get you to where you want to be.

Take a gap year – You may feel too much under pressure to make the right decision at this moment in time, so it could be better for some to take a year out instead of making any hasty decisions.

Re-sits for AS – According to some, the percentage of getting better results in a retake is quite small. Two most likely factors are because retakes are scheduled while you’re studying other modules, so the tendency to leave revising to the last minute are not uncommon, and teachers are more occupied with the units that they are currently teaching so support may not be optimum. However, if you have a 24/7 teacher at home then you have all the support you possibly need. Which is why Stuck on Homework offer online maths lessons for the whole curriculum for GCSE and A-levels plus more. If you subscribe by 1st September you’ll get a whole years subscription half price for GCSE and A-level maths, so instead of £52.99 it’s just £26.99! Check it out the news page http://www.stuckonhomework.com/ for your discount code.

“Life presents many choices, the choices we make determine our future.”
Catherine Pulsifer



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