So you’ve finished school – hooray! Perhaps for some of you it’s just for the Summer, and for others it’s the end of your school life.

Either way, there are decisions to be made, it can be tough to be expected to know what you’re doing and where you’re going.

If you’ve just finished year 8, year 9 is on its way – which means making subject choices. Or you may not have applied for A-levels, a college course, or even an apprenticeship, because you have no clue what you want to do, or what you want out of life.

To help you on your way here are some hints and tips on what you can do and where to go for advice, to gain a little inspiration and clarity.

Year 9 is all about making choices, and choosing what you want to do over the next two years.
•Think about what you’re interested in, what activities you enjoy, what you take part in out of school.

•Try iCould a great resource in general, you can click on the subjects you enjoy and see where they can lead you career-wise.

•Kudos is a website you may have heard of which you can access via certain organisations (including some schools and careers advice services). An impartial careers guidance to help pupils explore their career and study options, helping you make informed decisions. You can also call them to find out how and where you are able to fully access their facility.

•Go to the National Careers Service where they have an A-Z of job profiles which explains the skills and qualifications that you need to get the job that really interests you – plenty to choose from here!

•Talk to people who know you well to help you work out what could work for you. Don’t just follow friends – do what’s right for you, otherwise you might just find yourself stuck in a subject you were never really that interested in.

•Talk to your teachers: they can discuss whether certain subjects are right for you. See your school careers co-ordinator/adviser and squeeze as much info you can from them – they are there to help you.
•Spend the Summer discovering yourself and what makes you tick.

If you’re in the midst of GCSE study, we’ll assume that the majority of you are happy with the choices that you made, and that things are working out well.

However, this is not always the case. It does sometimes happen that a subject has been taken up, and it just didn’t turn out to be the one for you, and now you feel a strong urge to ditch it.

Before you do that, it’s recommended that you speak with at least the subject teacher, your form tutor, head of house, careers co-ordinator, and any other teacher that you get on well with, plus those who know you well, such as friends and family.

It’s always good to get as much advice as you can on whether you’re doing the right thing, and how to go about it. If you speak to these key people now, then you can take on board their advice during the Summer, and take a considered approach, ensuring whatever decision you take is the right one. Be mindful of not making a mistake that you may regret further down the line: dropping a subject is a big decision to make.

For those of you who have done your exams but haven’t managed to make a plan, no sixth form, college course or university to look forward to, or an apprenticeship to crack on with – get researching and start making a plan. The danger here is that you could find yourself floating along like a piece of driftwood and not actually being in control of where you’re going. To avoid that happening, (as well as the above websites that I talked about earlier), here are some useful places to be inspired by and get help – all great websites with an array of advice and guidance:

Any GCSE re-takers will need as much extra input and revision as you can to improve on what you got in the first sitting. So if you’re retaking your GCSE’s then S-Cool offer extra revision support for GCSE and A-Level English.

For maths you can of course use supplying the whole maths curriculum in video lessons. We’re offering half price year subscriptions for GCSE and Key Stage 3 or GCSE and A-Level so that’s £25.99 instead of £52.99! This offer is only open until the 1st September though so you’ll need to snap it up before you go back.

Good luck with all you that you pursue!



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