My Top Picks for #EICE

It’s that time of the year again already, time for the Education Innovation Conference and Exhibition (EICE). It’s in Manchester this week on 27th and 28th February.

EICE launched in 2013 and it looks like it’ll be bigger and (even) better this year.  So what are we most looking forward to learning about and whose talks are we hotly-anticipating?  Here’s my top-picks (it took a while to whittle it down!).

Thursday (Day 1)

  • Paul Smith (FASNA): “Academy transfer and the effects on innovation”
  • James Toop and Andrea Berkley:  “Equipping middle leaders for the future”
  • Jon Eames: “The journey towards equipping mobile learning in education”

Friday (Day 2)

  • Russell Prue (Fri 28th): “Survival plan for teachers wanting to use the latest tech in education”
  • Bob Harrison: “Whose curriculum is it anyway?”
  • Richard French (BCS): “Digital Literacy…the time is right”

The full timetable is available here.  If you’re going along too, have a fabulous day and don’t forget to tweet your thoughts using #EICE. 

(ps – If you haven’t already registered you can fix that here.)


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