BETT Show 2014

BETT ShowWe popped along to BETT 2014 last Friday. As expected it was a writhing mass of educators from all over the world, unbelievably hot, and the competition for freebie pens was fierce.

The hottest topic (apart from Michael Gove’s speech) was flipped classrooms; how could teachers introduce blended learning to their students.  Commonplace in industry, the concept has been slowly emerging in classrooms for the last couple of years and it looks like 2014 it’ll shift from from ‘nice to do’ to ‘must do’.  The trick, as ever, will be that teachers/schools focus as much on the application/integration of learning tools as they do on the shiny new technology.

We popped along to see our friends at Hodder Education.  We’ve partnered with Hodder to provide Key Stage 3 Computer Science video lessons (which are mapped to the new curriculum); they’re being showcased on their new Compute IT Dynamic Learning resource.

After that we went to see BBC Worldwide Learning, our partners in distributing our maths video lessons internationally.

Some laughs along the way – this year there seemed to be more costume characters than ever (including a Duck, a Professor, a Robot) and some great eye-catching stands (my personal favourites were the inflatable rocket ship from Planet Sherston and the #GBTypeOff Camper Van).

You can see our pics from the day here.








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