Posted in January 2014

BETT Show 2014

We popped along to BETT 2014 last Friday. As expected it was a writhing mass of educators from all over the world, unbelievably hot, and the competition for freebie pens was fierce. The hottest topic (apart from Michael Gove’s speech) was flipped classrooms; how could teachers introduce blended learning to their students.  Commonplace in industry, … Continue reading

Teachers Media Feature our Maths Videos!

We’re thrilled that our friends at Teachers Media are featuring some more of our maths videos this week.  This time it’s the turn of how to teach ‘Interest’ and ‘Factorising’.   In Factorising, our teacher Ieuan Pearse demonstrates how to factorise numbers using rectangles and squares to represent units and variables. The videos about Interest include an … Continue reading