The Basics

Our Maths teacher Lizzie has been hard at work this week, focusing on our “Basics” section. As a GCSE Maths resource we cover everything right up to Higher topics such as Venn Diagrams and Differentiation as part of our IGCSE supplements.

However we feel one of the most important area’s of both Stuck on homework and Stuck for Schools is the “Basics”, and here’s why; this topic has something for everyone, we have lots of parents tell us that they signed up for Stuck on homework to help their teenage children get ahead with their GCSEs but have since discovered that their younger siblings coming up through secondary school into years 7-9 also benefit from the resource.

As Maths is taught sequentially learning the basics is essential. Something Helen Royle – who initally had the idea for Stuck on homework came across, her daughter was struggling with Maths and after speaking to a tutor it became apparent that  it was simply a case of having missed a few key elements in lessons gone by that was standing in the way of her porgress.

Once you’ve mastered the basics, they become building blocks for the topics that follow.

So here’s a few of our “Basics” questions we have been working on this week, have a go, see how you get on, and we’ll give you all the answers next week 🙂

Work out;


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