Facebook generation fuels boom in online tutors

Julie Henry, the Telegraphs Education Correspondent, wrote an article in Sundays paper entitled; “Facebook generation fuels boom in online tutors”  

The piece includes an interview with Sophie Clark, who reviewed a handful of online sites with her daughter Matilda for the Good Schools Guide. What Julie quite rightly mentions are the undeniable cost advantages to using online tutoring over face to face tutors in the home, she also touches on the fact that teenagers are often much more conformable and familiar with using these types of technology and learning via the internet than they are with sitting at home with a tutor.

“Sue Fieldman, senior adviser at The Good Schools Guide, said: “Online tutoring is a huge growth area. While parents often prefer the personal touch of a tutor coming to the house, youngsters are so wrapped up with technology that the only way a parent can persuade them to do any extra academic work is if it is done online.””

The article covers concerns that are arising from the boom in online tutoring; ““It is a total minefield,” she said. “We have received complaints from parents that they have paid for on-line tutors who couldn’t speak good English, didn’t know the details of the syllabus or the techniques for passing exams.”

Three different online tutoring sites are then broken down by price, age range and analysis. We had a look at  how Stuck on homework compares;


Price: from £3.99 weekly direct debit to £89.99 for annual subscription (unlimited usage & pay monthly options are available)

Age range: 13 – 16 (GCSE)

The online video lessons are taught by Rebecca Johnson; a practicing Head of Maths, with years of experience.  Each video lesson is supported by a number of practice questions and a test yourself area providing pupils the chance to re cap and test the information they have learnt.

The site covers the entire GCSE & IGCSE Maths syllabus and is compatible with all the major exam boards, starting with the basics all the way through to the higher level  IGCSE supplements. 

There is a message board for  users to ask as many questions as they wish and other Stuck users to help and respond, if there are questions that you’re not getting a good enough answer then the Stuck on homework Maths Teacher will step in with advice, and if you become a Maths whiz then you can compete to become the Stuck on homework Maths Don!

The site is also includes a Dashboard area which provides a personal and unique online calendar where users can list all their homework, exams, deadlines and important appointments. As well as a viewing history to check past scores on all Tests and double check which Video Lessons you’ve watched. This is particularly useful for parents taking a hands on approach to learning with their children.

There is no need to book sessions or pay per hour with Stuck on homework, subscription is only limited to the amount of time you have chose to use the site fore i.e. weekly, monthly or annually. And with a bank of over 210 video lessons available all day everyday it provides an effective and affordable alternative to a private tutor with access to a real teacher in the home 24-7.


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