BETT 2012

We spent last week exhibiting our brand new Teacher assessment tool at the BETT show at Kensington Olympia (

As first time BETT exhibitors it was great to see the sheer size and variety of the show, really confirming the passion for Technology in the education sector.

After arriving and setting up on Tuesday evening we got into full swing when the doors opened on Wednesday morning. Queues running half the length of the Olympia Way & The Hammersmith Road outside made for a great view from our stand on the balcony when the first stream of visitors flooded in at 10am, eager to grab their fair share of free pens & bags!

Wednesday was a jam-packed day; we spoke to a large number of international teachers, and had requests to translate the Stuck videos into every language from Spanish to Swahili!

When commenting to one Swedish teacher on the number of Scandinavian’s we had encountered that day, he replied, “There are no teachers left in Sweden! We filled a whole plane here!”

We continued through Thursday signing up enthusiastic Head teachers, Heads of Department & Maths teachers for our 30-day free trial, (For more information please email It was excellent to hear such fantastic feedback about the quality of the videos as well as the functionality of the teacher & student assessment tool.

Friday was our busiest day, and we were joined by one of our Maths teachers Lizzie. In fact, it was so busy we had to do our third Tesco run of the week to fill up on more sweets!

As Friday afternoon came we had a rush of parents visiting the stand, which provided us with an unexpected opportunity to talk about our sister site; a private pupil subscription site, where parents & pupils can sign up to access the video lessons & test yourself questions independently.

Saturday, the final day, and we were lucky enough to have a visit from three groups of BETT explorers, pupils from Lampton School, trialing different products and resources being showcased at BETT.

It was brilliant to see such keen students, they had questions prepared on an iPad and filmed us on their iPhones for an interview they would re lay on BETT radio ( later that day.

As Saturday drew to a close, we played several games of Tetras trying to pack and repack the car until everything fitted comfortably! And set off back to the office.

All in all a great five days had by everyone, a fantastic effort by the whole BETT team meaning the show ran smoothly.

And for us, a successful launch of Stuck for Schools, with lots of trials starting for schools all over the UK and further afield and some brilliant feedback to take away with us.


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